Thursday, 2 June 2011

5 Awesome tastic comedy links!

Howdy! I know today's post is late, but I've been rather busy with pre-prom planning and such. Unfortunatly, I might not be able to post until monday, but most likely it will be sunday... 

Anyways, to make sure you're all occupied while I'm gone (read in hoity-toity voice)  I thought I'd share with you 5 awesome sites that I'm sure will make you chuckle, or your money back guaranteed! I know you haven't actually paid anything, but fuck it, ill send you onions or something.

5. Cracked is a comedy website, specializing in list based comedy. The articles, written by anyone, pertain to multiple demographics by talking about a variety of subjects. The best part? Articles are proofread to be informative, meaning it's educational! Awesomesauce!

4. uncyclopedia-wikia.Is a popular wiki designed to be a humerus mockup of Wikipedia. The articles often rely on shock comedy and stupid humor. May be nsfw so be warned.... I suggest taking a look at their plagiarism article for a few chuckles

3. cats that look like hitler  Should be self explanatory.  If I have to explain  the premise of this site to you, get the fuck off my blogger now and never return.

2. The Legacy of Bloodninja  Amazing piece of work by a man called bloodninja. Though I can't find the original link, most of his works can be found in the link. Caution, empty bladder before reading or you may find yourself wishing you had. Seriously really funny stuff!

1. Encyclopedia Dramatica Warning-NSFW. No list of words can accurately describe the contents of this site. It's disgusting, it's funny, it's creepy and morally appalling! It's like if uncyclopedia started smoking crack and started beating off into used diapers whist wearing cowboy boots and singing the Russian national anthem. Except not really at all. Well, maybe in it's batshit insanity. anyways.... you've all been warned!

Oh, and for those of you weary to click these links, just type it out and google and check 'em out. But it's not like I added a link to lemonparty..... I swear, I didn't!


  1. and if that isnt enough try:
    Urban Prankster
    Photoshop Disaster

  2. Great sites, very funny =)

    Also awesome profile pic =D