Wednesday, 1 June 2011

5 dumbest comments of the week-Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In my ongoing efforts to create a couple of weekly segments for you to look forward to, I´m introducing the 5 stupidest shit of the week column in the sexy list format you all know and love.

5. ´´ Isisn´t it iconic that Rebbecca Black is pregnant?´´ She meant to say ironic, which I may have been able to forgive her for if it was even remotely ironic. To add insult to injury, when I called her out on this, and said ´don´t you mean ironic´ she replied with #4.
4. ´´Ironic? That´s not even a word.. isin´t it iconic that you used ironic instead of iconic?´´ :facepalm: I felt like saying, ´´isint it ´iconic´ that even with all of those extra chromosomes, you still can´t figure out how to use the word ironic!´´
3. I was walking through the tech hall of my high-school when I heard this conversation between two blonds (both IRL and metaphorically). Blonde a) said: ´´Yeah, I want to go to Australia with my boyfriend this summer- what language do they speak there anyway?´´
2.  To which her dumbass blond friend, replied: ´´They speak Australian, stupid!´´. Normally, I´d take this exchange as a sort of satire but considering the sources (tech hall blonds) and the total lack of verbal cues to make one think otherwise, I can´t help they were serious. :headwall:
1. This last example happened today in philosophy, as two students were talking about their friend who was planning on showing up to prom high. They referred to him as a dumbass for doing drugs and said ´´why can´t he just get high on life instead´´. About 30 seconds after that comment, he started talking about how ´´fucking shitfaced´´ he was planning on getting on prom night. *sigh*

So there you have it folks, my reason for my undying cynicism. Spend 2 weeks in any high-school and you may find yourself losing hope in humanity.


  1. did the girl really say Australian???
    No wonder some ppl still think Germany is full of Nazis.

  2. hahahah! Great read!
    Keep it up! :D

  3. LOL funny stuff, ggreat blog :)

  4. Damn. So you don't know what I'm saying now? I'm speaking Australian.

  5. 4. You should have said that. It's genius :P

  6. If she had just said ironic it would have been an all too common form of fail. But with her multiple trisomies she was able to turn it to win. I say good for her. Either that or you were trolled.

  7. hahahah so good. Number 1 is so true - I know so many people like that. As for 2 & 3, wow. If she comes over here I'll be happy to translate Australian for her.

  8. yea dude ive actually got a few bitcoins from my blogs! they are close to 10$ a piece now!